Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catching Up 365

I know....this is ridiculous. It's really hard to keep track when photos are on camera, iphone & photobooth. I promise to try and do better!!!!


Day 71: The beginning of DEAD WEEK!!! "Fuel" for finishing all of my stuff for Thursday (this was Monday of dead week): 6,000 word paper (22 pages), 15 page law paper, 10 minute powerpoint presentation, law exam


Day 72: Drake's roommate Jared make A-MA-ZING food. Can I keep him? This was a well deserved study break (following by an all-nighter, of course).


Day 73: Cinco de Moustache....I went out after finishing one paper and getting to a good stopping point on the other. Since I'd only slept about 10 hours in 3 days, 1 drink was more than enough to get me loopy. Went home at find this. Tucker raids the "pantry" and has eaten a bunch of ramen.


Day 74: How did I not figure this out before this week?! Studying outside on my screened-in porch is great. I finished my big paper an hour before it was due!! I then went to class from 6:00 to 10:30 (ugh), gave my presentation, then drove to the city to see the midnight showing of Iron Man 2!!! I then proceeded to stay up until 4:30 and wake at 8:00....still no sleep :o/. BUT I'M DONE!!!


Day 75: NICOLE'S 23rd BIRTHDAY!!! The Christmas Lights messed up the picture, but it's the only one I got. Dinner and drinks at In the Raw followed by drinks at Louie's 2, more drinks at Logan's and more drinks at Seven47.


Day 76: Do you notice that the days I am hungover are ALWAYS a picture of my dog? He's cute.


Day 77: Of course I forgot to actually bring my camera to take a picture of my mom and brother on Mother's Day (dad was flying, we met up in Gainesville for lunch), but she did bring Tucker a new toy: a pipe!! LOL it's so cute but I couldn't seem to get him to keep it in his mouth for a picture.


Day 78: I already posted my tornado pic, but let's face it: something more important today happened. Jack In the Box opened in Norman. I waited 45 minutes for fast food.


Day 79: I have been cooking so much lately. This will be another recipe post. Italian Pork Chops = one of my favorites, even though you can't really see because of premature parmesan. I could eat this every day.


Day 80: After finishing an online final, the semester is officially 100% over for me!!! Happy birthday Alex!!! Karaoke at Old O'Connell's.


Day 81: This was found in another post....the havoc of my bed post the end of the semester.


Day 82: 97 cent shoes boxes at Wal-Mart + label maker = CLOSET HEAVEN!!! I AM SO THRILLED THAT I DID THIS!!! I have all my sandals in one, all my rubber flip-flops in another. I have more shoes in a big trunk in my other closet, but I'm thinking of getting rid of a lot of those when I move...we'll see!


Day 83: The aftermath of going out when it's been raining all week....


Day 84: Worst hangover of my life today...Honestly....I was still sick at 7 pm. But, look how cute my doggie is!


Day 85: Look!!! It's MEGAN!!!! :D


Day 86: Friends at Tara's!!! Brad......


Day 87: Wal-Mart is pretty....really, the sunset at Wal-Mart....but regardless. Another one of these coming up!!


Day 88: That crane OWNED KFC. I guess they're remodeling.


Day 89: Who knew Wal-Mart could be so beautiful?!?!


Day 90: When you're too tired to cook & decide to make "Easy Mac" instead, PLEASE remember to add water. The thing caught on fire, set off the smoke detector, & I had to leave my kitchen windows open for three days.


Day 91: Tucker smiling because I bought him a burger at Jack In the Box. LOL that thing was GONE in about 40 seconds.


Day 92: The day affectionately known as "The One When I Left My Apartment for Three Hours & Tucker Didn't Mess ANYTHING Up".....a first.


Day 93: Went to Blu with Alex...this has never happened before. :D


Day 94: My good friend Angie & I went to McNellie's in midtown, then back to her apartment. This is her puppy Great Dane, Chloe. Such a sweet horse.


Day 95: In bed all day, partly for a job search, mostly because I'm lazy, included a Skype night with the fabulous LauraLovingLife. Tucker faithfully watches me do nothing all day.


Day 96: Even though I truly did nothing the day before, I was on the phone until 5, up until 7...AM. Another day spent in bed recovering from my ridiculous sleep pattern. Thought this pic was funny!


Day 97: Forced myself out of bed to help Angela "move." Really, we just got her windows tinted then went to the Paseo Arts Festival with her roommate Stacy!! ALI HARTER WAS AMAZING!

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