Sunday, September 26, 2010

365 for the END OF SUMMER!!!

I can't believe that summer is over. I can't believe it's already almost OCTOBER (which is the best month of the year, in case you didn't know). So many exciting things are starting up soon. OU/TX this weekend (Texas Still Sucks), more b-e-a-utiful fall weather, Halloween, Thanksgiving & OF COURSE Christmas. I love it!!!

So to end things right, here is the end of 365 "Summer." I know it's a little sparse, but my life is insane right now. INSANE. You get the idea. I've got to get these things in a little more timely manner!! 5 pictures is A LOT easier than 30 ish.

Without further ado...


Day 189: Studying at Picasso Cafe in Paseo!!!


Day 190: The last was a fluke....REALLY the last time we'd get to see Megan before she heads back over to Ireland. We had a lovely dinner at 1492 with the best (yet not cold enough) queso ever.



Day 192: Today was total crap, but that's a pretty sunset.

Day 193: Just studying for my spelling test. FML.


Day 194: We went to Royal Bavaria with Jessica and Brian, plus two of Brian's friends from his study abroad in Germany!!


Day 195: GAMEDAY!!!!!!! Season Opener :o)...I love football season.


Day 196: So happy we got to go to Hosty on Labor Day weekend! To bad things got a little "out of control" after getting home. Oh...we don't know the girl in the background!


Day 197: Kirsten & I were a little hungry. And, a little hungover.


Day 198: Honestly, I don't know. I was exhausted and didn't have any other ideas for a picture that day.


Day 199: Cuppies & Joe, Kirsten and I's favorite little cafe for studying on Wednesday nights!!


Day 200: "Isn't she lovely?" - Hair dying extravaganza! Can't believe I'm at Day 200!!!!


Day 201: Stayed in and organized my closet on a Friday night.

Day 202: Gameday!! I can't believe I look decent in this picture because I look like hell in every other. It was hot hot hot and I was NOT sober. Wish Bailey had a mouth in this picture, though :o(

Day 203: I was in so much pain after the day shower saved me. I spent at least 3 hours in here over several sittings because it's the only thing that keeps me from puking


Day 204: Spent the ENTIRE night working on this stupid theorist paper. I went to Picasso Grill in Paseo, where it was Motown night. Sadly, I could not participate :o(


Day 205: Paper = DONE!


Day 206: I had coffee at 6:00...oops. Didn't get home til a little later than expected #worthit! :o)


Day 207: Went to the fair.


Day 208: I had an extremely awkward and terrible date. To make up for 2 hours of torture, I treated myself to a new jar of black bean salsa.

Day 209: I had a sore throat & my Chloreseptic spray leaked all over my ticket. Then I found out that my sore throat was really closer to the flu than anything else. :o(. Worst. Game. Day. EVER.


Day 210: I used the opportunity of being sick as hell to re-watch one of my all time favorite television series from the beginning!

Day 211: Still sick. Season 2.


Day 212: Nope...not better. This day, though, I had a paper to write for class due that night. Awesome!


Day 213: I LOOOOOOVE my pumpkins.


Day 214: I've been really really bad about taking pictures lately. Here's my dinner from Louie's with Darin & Shane at Louie's On the Lake. Ugh I have so much going on!!!


Day 215: We went to Libby's in Goldsby and Bradley ruined a picture.


Day 216: Kirsten spent the night. hahahahaha.


  1. i love how dead i look in that last picture! also, what ever happened to tuesday post-its?!?!

  2. i started working full-time at a job I care about while somehow managing to take 6 hours of graduate classes and hang out with you all the time. Cant I just take a picture of all of the post its I write on at work everyday? I go through like a stack a week!

  3. lol. I love the caption for chocolate covered bacon. I'm going to be sad when 365 is over - I like getting glimpses into your life. Can't wait for this mysterious blog serious your writing. :)

  4. I know that girl in the background of your hosty picture! Hahaha