Thursday, September 30, 2010

365 Yos!

I'm trying to make this easier on myself. I've been working REALLY hard on my 33 days blog so that the first drafts are already done before I even need to start posting :o)...only a few more weeks, folks!!! The other hard part of doing two projects at once (365 & 33 Days) is not giving away any details of the 33 Days project in the 365 Project. Lol I'm making my life much more complicated than it should be...

Plus, if I upload 5 or less images, I only have to wait for one upload from blogger.


Day 217: Kirsten ate pork & liked it. Brad couldn't even wait to eat. I ate pork and looked like I hadn't slept ever.


Day 218: Spent the whole night at the library working on a paper with Alex. Then, I slept on her couch for a whole 2 1/2 hours before driving to work. #ILoveGradSchool.


Day 219: My paper was due at 9:00. The dropbox closed at 9:01. I'm such a rockstar...*slash* I work best under pressure. 16 pages in 3 days!! (Plus work Monday and Tuesday)


Day 220: I know. My pillows are awesome!!! (I MADE THEM!!!) And, I really need some wall art above the sofa.....

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