Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 3 (September 9, 2010)

Grant & I emailed back and forth for two days. I ended up letting him add me on facebook because I was still planning on deleting my account after the third day. To be safe, I put him in a restricted group that didn’t give him very much information about me.

About forty other emails and too many winks came my way. I realized that this could be very time consuming and end up producing…well…no results other than meet a nice guy that I wasn’t all that interested in.

Guy 1 from chatting the night before creepily found me on facebook.  I told him my first name and BAM there was a message. I sent him a message back on match, told him I was absolutely not interested, then blocked him.


As it was the last day of my free trial, I was fully prepared to end it all and walk away.

I was at Kirsten’s (dying her hair) when I saw a message from a guy that was average looking, but said he was from Tucson. My favorite sister-like cousin lives in Tucson with her four beautiful kiddos, so right off the bat we had something in common.  We started an instant message conversation on and he seemed really really nice! He asked if I would like to go out sometime next week, I said yes, and just like that I was scheduled for my first date. I gave him my phone number to get in touch with me later next week, since I told him it was the last day of my trial. Then I remembered that I didn’t know his name. After he texted me, I asked. Dave.

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