Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 7 (September 13, 2010)

Dave keeps making sure that I am not going to cancel on him for Friday. Do women have a habit of blowing him off?! He added me on facebook, to which I moved him to the same group as Grant. 

I went to Picasso Café in Paseo with Kirsten to study that night.  Before getting down to work, we caught up on match stuff. I showed her sexy Latino boy’s pictures, we read a heartbreaking and desperate 20-year-olds attempt for me to give him a chance (he had clear and concise essay-style arguments), and browsed through David’s facebook profile. As I looked through his pictures with Kirsten, I kind of freaked out a bit…

You know how some people look worse in pictures than in real life & others look better in pictures in real life? Well, with a range of pictures between cute & not-so-much, I wasn’t sure what to think. What if he was worse than the “not-so-much” pics? I knowwww…I’m shallow, but I’m trying to be as honest with readers as I am with myself. I just don’t see myself falling for someone that I’m not physically attracted to. And, I absolutely am not attracted to men who stand with their hips pushed forward.

Coupled with David’s profile and having a paper due the next day, I had a mild freak-out attack about how little time I have to work on a graduate degree while working full time and dating…my stress was elevating and I was concerned that joining a dating site was an absolutely terrible idea.

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