Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 32 (October 8, 2010)

All day, I couldn’t stop thinking about Chris. I think I’m most impressed by two things: he’s not cocky/forward and he couldn’t be sweeter. Well, he could be sweeter, but any sweeter would probably turn me off a little. He is the perfect amount of sweetness without that blindingly painful sugar rush. I don’t think I’m into bad boys per se, but I can’t stand a kiss-ass or an asshole. I like that Chris is not over-confident and that he cares that I’m feeling comfortable and that he’s not a douche bag.

 I made my way to the office much later than I should have and BAM! The hangover hit me like a ton of bricks. Either way, it was worth it.

At work, I couldn’t focus (and only partly due to the hangover). I must have looked through the pictures of the night before at least two dozen times. It felt kind of surreal having feelings for yet another guy. 

I ended up telling my mom about him. I wasn’t sure if I would, because I knew there would be concern about the deal-breakers. I told her it would just have to be something I would get over if I were really interested after some time, but that I could. She was more concerned over age than anything else, I think.  My parents just know how badly I don’t want to get hurt in my next relatioship, so I can appreciate their concern.

I have a problem with over analyzing my next “move” in a relationship, especially when it’s first starting out. I don’t ever want to seem too eager, I don’t want to make the guy feel too confident about how I’m feeling, and I absolutely don’t want to leave room to let myself get hurt. I was concerned all day that this would have just ended up being a one-night thing, which I desperately didn’t want.. So I waited for him to make contact…which he did.

We didn’t make plans for the night, but he knew what I was doing and I knew what he was doing. I told him I would be at 51st Street Speakeasy all night. When he got done with dinner, he could meet me there if he wanted. No pressure.

Lucky for me, he showed up about 11:30. We stay at Speakeasy for a little while, went across the street to Edna’s a little later. Even though we were in the city, Chris brought his roommate and would have to go back to Norman with him. So, I did the only thing logical...I followed them back to Norman (at 1:45 in the morning from the north side of OKC…awesome).

When I got to Chris’ house, I met Princess (his dobie), waited for him to eat a snack and curled up on the couch. A little tipsy and very tired, I was more interested in sleep than anything else. Within minutes, he said the best thing I could hear at that moment in time: “I’m exhausted…let’s just go to bed.” Happily, we curled up and were both asleep within two minutes.

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