Thursday, December 9, 2010

Project 365: Days 226 - 235

Looks like I have some catch up blogging to do!! I've been so consumed by NoBloPoMo that I haven't kept up with my crafts or Project 365, so I'll be catching up with all of that for the next several days!!!

So, without further ado, here's some 365 Updates from OCTOBER (I realize that it's December. Tough cookies.)


Day 226: I wrote a midterm and it was awesome. (If you actually read it though, you can tell I was rushed.  There several incoherent sentences that miss important verbs).


Day 227: I made the mistake of feeding one of the stray cats in my apartment complex.  This cat continued to harass me for weeks! He would mew at the door late at night and bring me dead birds.  It was awesome...


Day 228: Sugarland concert!


Day 229: Wild and crazy night at Speakeasy...


Day 230: Out at about on CC!! Love this dress, Love these shoes.  Can I have more (faux) snakeskin in my life?


Day 231: We went to Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch in Arcadia! This place was so much fun!!!


Day 232: I bought & hung these new frames for a wall collage in my hallway...a much needed addition!!


Day 233: This was horrible.  My camera broke!!! Therefore, almost all of pictures are bootlegged from friends or taken on my phone until Christmas when I get my new camera...making this Project a MUCH bigger undertaking than I'd like :o(. 


Day 234: My new vase that I found at Ross for $9!!


Day 235: Putting my baby pumpkin to good use in the door doesn't stay open without a door stop!!

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