Wednesday, December 8, 2010


So here's an update on my dating life since the end of my 33 Days...

Grant: I never heard back from him

David: After the last message wanting to check in on me, which I ignored, I haven't heard from him.

Pete: I finally got a message back from him about two weeks ago.  He asked me why I never responded to his last text (which I did...twice), then he got frustrated that neither one of us bothered to see why the other hadn't responded. He ended up making me pretty angry by continuing to argue with me about who sent the last text, so I told him it was ridiculous and useless to be fighting about a text message from over a month before. I told him he was a great guy, but I didn't have that "something extra" to make me want to continue with him. I didn't mention Chris or The Hottie because I had pretty much made up my mind about him before any of that happened. He didn't respond.

The Ex: Luckily, still no contact since the end of June.  Way to go, me.

The Hottie: I'm trying to let go of the idea of him. He ended up coming back from LA after about 5 weeks since they finished their project early.  Then he went to Dallas, now he's in Chicago. I ran into him at a bar two weeks ago, but I could hardly look him in the eyes. I didn't want to think about how I felt about him and I sure as hell didn't want to feel anything else. I had ignored two texts throughout October, which I was proud of myself for doing. He is still with his girlfriend, and I still think about him.  

Chris: We dated for about two months or so, but things didn't work out. We only stopped seeing each other about a week ago or so. When I can give a little better of an explanation as to what happened, I will :o)

There's the end, guys!!

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